Month: October 2023

03.10.2023 New Joint Publication in Frustrated Magnetism

A joint publication with Jairo Sinova and Ricardo Zarzuela about spin-transfer and topological Hall effects in itinerant frustrated magnets has been published in Physical Review B.

They examine the spin-transfer and topological Hall physics of metallic frustrated magnets and show that SO(3) solitons and magnetic disclinations mediate previously unidentified contributions to the corresponding effects, with no analog in collinear magnetism. In particular, they present a minimal low-energy long-wavelength theory of the Yang-Mills type for the itinerant carriers and also discuss the emergent electrodynamics mediated by the topological solitons/defects arising in the noncoplanar magnetic background. They also considered the effect of symmetry reduction (with respect to the case of full rotational symmetry) on both spin-transfer and topological Hall responses of the magnetic conductor. Furthermore, they discuss experimental setups for the detection of the aforesaid Hall currents. Their findings open new avenues for the detection of topological solitons/defects in magnetic systems with order-parameter manifolds beyond the conventional S2 paradigm.

You can find the publication under Phys. Rev. B 108, 134402 (2023).

02.10.2023 New Joint Publication in Altermagnetism

A joint publication with Jairo Sinova and Libor Šmejkal about the saturation of the anomalous Hall effect at high magnetic fields in altermagnetic RuO2 has been published in APL Materials.

They used a field-induced reorientation of the Néel vector from the easy-axis toward the [110] hard-axis to demonstrate the anomalous Hall signal in this RuO2. They confirm the existence of an anomalous Hall effect in our RuO2 thin-film samples, whose set of magnetic and magneto-transport characteristics is consistent with the earlier report. By performing their measurements at extreme magnetic fields up to 68 T, they reach saturation of the anomalous Hall signal at a field Hc ≃ 55 T that was inaccessible in earlier studies but is consistent with the expected Néel-vector reorientation field.

You can find the publication under APL Mater. 11, 101103 (2023).