Month: September 2022

26.09.2022 Joint Publication about Magnetoelastic Antiferromagnets

A joint publication with Helen Gomonay about shape dependent magnetoelastic effects in the antiferromagnet NiO has been published in Physical Review B.

They demonstrate that the antiferromagnetic order in NiO/Pt films can be manipulated via strains. Experiments guided by theoretical models suggest that shape dependent strains require special attention in the design of antiferromagnetic devices.

You can find the publication under PhysRevB.106.094430.

23.09.2022 Publication about Altermagnetism

A publication of Jairo Sinova, Libor Šmejkal and Thomas Jungwirth about altermagnetism, a  new nonrelativistic magnetic phase has been published in Physical Review X.

By the use of spin symmetries they predict a new nonrelativistic magnetic phase, namely altermagnetism. Altermagnets have zero net magnetization (like antiferromagnets) yet spin split electronic bands (like ferromagnets). Such materials are promising candidates for future spintronic devices which combile the advanteges from ferromagnets and antiferromagnets.

You can find the publication under PhysRevX.12.031042