Month: November 2022

24.11.2022 Upcoming SPICE workshop on Quantum Spinoptics in June

The SPICE workshop "Quantum Spinoptics" will be held from June 13th to 15th, 2023 at the historic WASEM winery, Ingelheim.

The workshop aims at bringing together experts from solid state and quantum optics, with the goal to seed the research area where solid state systems are treated exploiting the knowledge of AMO driven-dissipative platforms, and, vice versa, where quantum optics can exploit concepts from spintronics, magnetism and the physics of correlated materials. Topics include dynamical phase transitions in driven-dissipative ensembles, noise sensing and engineering in light-matter interfaces, quantum optics-inspired pumping schemes applied to condensed matter, and correlated emission and dissipative engineering to build entangled states.

You can apply online for the workshop until April 1st, 2023.

07.11.2022 Joint Publication about Altermagnetism

A joint publication with Jairo Sinova and Libor Šmejkal about the anomalous Hall effect in RuO2 has been published in Nature electronics.

They observe an anomalous Hall effect in the altermagnet RuO2 which has no net magnetization yet spin split electronic bands. They further show that, that the anomalous Hall effect dominates over an ordinary Hall contribution. This could lead to the exploration of topological Berry phases and dissipationless quantum transport in crystals of abundant elements and with a compensated antiparallel magnetic order.

You can find the publication under