Month: July 2017

25.07.2017 – SPICE workshop Topology Matters starts

We welcome all the participants to theSPICE Topology Matters workshop. It brings  togetherthe top scientists in the fields of spintronics, superconductivity, topological insulators, and multiferroics in order to explore their connections via topology.

This will also be the first workshop of SPICE where the majority of the typical gender balance has been inverted!!

It promises to be an exciting workshop!

04.07.2017 – Seminar given by Filipe Guimarães

Today, we have the pleasure to welcome Filipe Guimarães from Forschungszentrum Jülich as our speaker. He will talk about "Dynamical amplification of magnetoresistances and Hall currents up to the THz regime" and stay with us until tomorrow for more discussions about the tight-binding method and modeling of spin transport phenomena.

01.07.2017 – Two-month stay of guest scientist Joo-Von Kim

Joo-Von Kim from the Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology/CNRS/Université Paris-Sud in Orsay arrived for his two-month stay as a guest scientist in the INSPIRE group. He will use his expertise in micromagnetic simulations to work with Bertrand Dupé on the coupled motion of (anti)skyrmion pairs in magnetic ultrathin films ("Skyrmion Tango"). His stay is financially supported by the DAAD.