Antiferromagnetic Spintronics

Antiferromagnetic spintronics is a new rapidly developing field whose focus is the manipulation of antiferromagnets with electrical current. Antiferromagnets are promising materials for spintronic applications as they are fast, nonvolatile, and robust with respect to external fields. They can be manipulated by spin and charge currents. Their complex structures, strong magnetoelastic coupling, and compatibility with technologically important semiconductors make antiferromagnets interesting materials and open a way for new functionalities in comparison with ferromagnetic materials.

Our research interest focuses mainly on theoretical investigations of

  • Spin-current induced magnetic dynamics in anti- and ferrimagnets with antiferromagnetic coupling between the magnetic sublattices
  • Ultrafast antiferromagnetic dynamics induced by femtosecond optical pulses
  • Kinetics and transport properties of antiferromagnets in the presence of spin currents and/or temperature gradients
  • Topological properties of antiferromagnets, Dirac and Weil semimetals
  • The possibility of tuning topological properties with spin currents


To build a bridge between hard-core theoretical calculations and experimentalists we utilize phenomenological approaches.

We work in close cooperation with experimental groups