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Dear colleagues, in a time of physical distancing, it is more important than ever to continue disseminating science. Please join us on a weekly on-line seminar on spintronics and related areas of research.

This summer, the INSPIRE group (within SPICE) has organised the seminar on-line in a SPICE-SPIN+X partnership.


WS 2019/20

DatePlaceSpeakerTitle of PresentationHost
2020.03.10Mehrdad ElyasiMagnons for Quantum InformationJairo Sinova
2020.03.02 (Monday)Max RamstöckEvaluation and introduction into a tight binding model for first principles modeling of vibrational spin relaxation in conjugated polymersErik R. McNellis
2020.02.04Ivan AdoChiral Ferromagnetism Beyond Lifshitz InvariantsKarin Everschor-Sitte
2020.01.21Souvik PaulFirst-Principles Study of Magnetic Skyrmions
in Transition-Metal Ultrathin Films
Jairo Sinova, Karin Everschor-Sitte
2019.12.18 (Wednesday)Room 05-431 (Gernot-Gräff-Raum)Joel MooreOrigin of strong and/or quantized optical properties of topological semimetals.Jairo Sinova, Mathias Kläui
2019.12.10Alessandro LunghiSpin Dynamics in Molecular Magnetic Materials: From First Principles to Machine Learning.Erik R. McNellis
2019.11.19John Mangeri Control of polarization vortex states in nanoconfined ferroelectricsDavi Rodrigues
2019.10.15Vladislav KorenivskiRelaxation of spin currents by antiferromagnets and magnetocalorics in multilayers

Olena Gomonay

SS 2019

DatePlaceSpeakerTitle of PresentationHost
2019.09.24Lorentz Room 05-127
(Staudingerweg 7)
Nikolai Sinitsyn Integrable Time-Dependent Quantum Hamiltonians Jairo Sinova
2019.07.05Media Room 03-431 (Staudingerweg 7) Xiong-Jun Liu Emergent topology and symmetry-breaking order in correlated quench spin dynamics Jairo Sinova
2019.07.02 Ran Cheng Antiferromagnetic Magnons - A tale of two spins
2019.06.04MAINZ Seminarraum, 03-122
(Staudinger Weg 9)
Dr. Herbert Jaeger An introduction to Reservoir ComputingMathias Kläui, Emergent AI Center
2019.05.28Calum RossMagnetic skyrmions at critical couplingBen McKeever, Karin Everschor-Sitte
2019.05.21 Börge Göbel Going beyond skyrmions Karin Everschor-Sitte
2019.05.07MAINZ Seminarraum, 03-122
(Staudinger Weg 9)
Prof. Alberta Bonanni At the interface between nitride compounds and quantum materials Jairo Sinova
Nicholas Sedlmayr
The Superconductivity of Topologically
Protected Surface States
Jairo Sinova

WS 2018/19

DatePlaceSpeakerTitle of presentationHost
2019.03.26 Timo Pulch Specialisation talk: Inverting magnetic logical circuitsKarin Everschor-Sitte
2019.03.19Bennet KarretaModelling of the magnetic states and phase transitions in hematiteOlena Gomonay
2019.02.19Ricardo ZarzuelaSpin transport in frustrated magnets Jairo Sinova
2019.02.12.Patrick M. BuhlTopological transport in non-Abelian spin textures from first principlesBertrand Dupé
2019.02.05. Nils Sommer Influence of chiral interactions on domain wall creation by electric currentKarin Everschor-Sitte
2019.01.08.Anna PertsovaTransient excitonic instability in optically-driven Dirac materialsJairo Sinova
2019.01.01.Christmas Holidays
2018.12.25.Christmas Holidays
2018.12.11.Maxime GarnierMany Majorana zero modes around the deformable edge of a magnetic skyrmionJonas Nothhelfer
2018.11.26 (Monday)Lorentz Room 05-127
(Staudingerweg 7)
Assa AuerbachEquilibrium Formulae for Transverse Magneto-transport of Strongly Correlated Metals Jairo Sinova
2018.11.22 (Thursday)Media room 03-431
(Staudingerweg 7)
Jonas NothhelferKnowledge of methods talk for MasterMatteo Rizzi and Karin Everschor-Sitte
2018.11.20.Tobias MengWeyl semimetals with single Weyl nodes, and the fate of their chiral anomalyKarin Everschor-Sitte
2018.11.13Inti SodemannThe Berry curvature dipole and the shear sound of metalsKarin Everschor-Sitte
2018.11.06Markus DrescherThe Theory of Inelastic Tunneling Spectroscopy in SuperconductorsBertrand Dupé
2018.10.30Imke SchneiderImpurities and disorder in one-dimensional quantum systemsKarin Everschor-Sitte
2018.10.23INSPIRE & TWISTorganisational group meetingJairo Sinova,
Karin Everschor-Sitte
Warlley CamposSemi-Transparent Particles in Optical Tweezers: Topological Insulators, Semiconductors and Generalization of the Ashkin’s ModeDavi Rodrigues
Ilja Müller"Influence of Morphology and Energetic Disorder on Electron Mobility in PSSS Polymers"Erik McNellis
Lorentz Room 05-127 (Staudingerweg 7)George BourianoffOverview of Artificial Intelligence accelerator technologies and markets: Implications for future research fundingKarin Everschor-Sitte


SS 2018

DatePlaceSpeakerTitle of presentationHost
2018.07.12 (Thursday)Galilei room, 01-128 Vincent Baltz Probing antiferromagnets with currentsOlena Gomonay
2018.07.11 (Wednesday)Galilei room, 01-128Hongbin ZhangHigh throughput design of magnetic materialsJairo Sinova
2018.07.10, at 11:00Galilei room, 01-128Jonas Nothhelfer Specialization talk for Master: Magnetic Skyrmion materials as a platform for quantum information theoryMatteo Rizzi and Karin Everschor-Sitte
2018.07.03Galilei room, 01-128 Laura Köhler Topological domain walls and dislocations in helimagnetsKarin Everschor-Sitte
2018.06.26Galilei room, 01-128 Michail TitovDzyaloshinskii-Moria interaction in Rashba systemsOlena Gomonay
2018.06.19Galilei room, 01-128Ilja MüllerMaster thesis talk: Method seminar "Theoretical Approach of Electron Transport in
Organic Semiconductors by the example of
Organic Molecule PSSS"
Erik R. McNellis
2018.06.05Galilei room, 01-128Paschalis GkoupidenisNeuromorphic devices using organic materialsKarin Everschor-Sitte
2018.05.15Galilei room, 01-128Lykourgos BougasUltrasensitive chiral sensing in the gas, liquid, and solid state by signal-reversing cavity polarimetry: applications to atmospheric studies and biosensingErik R. McNellis
2018.04.17Galilei room, 01-128Wojtek MorawiecMaster thesis talk: Method seminar "Density Functional Theory within the FLAPW approximation"Bertrand Dupé
2018.04.10Lorentz-Raum, 05-127Alexander MookTopological Magnon Materials and Transverse Magnon TransportJairo SInova

WS 2017/18

DatePlaceSpeakerTitle of presentationHost
2018.03.06Galilei room, 01-128Kyoung-Whan KimChiral renormalization of magnetization dynamics through self-feedback
Karin Everschor-Sitte
2018.02.27Galilei room, 01-128Rafael Gonzalez-HernandezComputational modeling of 2D materials beyond grapheneJairo Sinova
2018.01.30.Galilei room, 01-128Babak SeradjehUniversal fluctuations of Floquet topological invariants at low frequenciesJairo Sinova
2018.01.23.Galilei room, 01-128Prof. Igor LukyanchukTopological excitations in nano-scale ferroelectricsOlena Gomonay

Media room, 03-431, at 13:00

Prof. André Thiaville Skyrmions in symmetric bilayers. PresentationOlena Gomonay
2018.01.09.Galilei room, 01-128Wojciech MorawiecMaster thesis talk: Specialization seminarBertrand Dupé
2017.12.05.Galilei room, 01-128Bernd ZimmermannSpin-orbit effects from ab-initio theory: from electron scattering to chiral spin texturesBertrand Dupé
2017.11. 22Galilei room, 01-128Eric BousquetMagnetoelectric response from first-principles: microscopic understanding and design rules
Bertrand Dupé
2017.11.07Galilei room, 01-128Oliver BreunigGigantic negative magnetoresistance in a disordered Topological InsulatorKarin Everschor-Sitte
2017.10.24Galilei room, 01-128Davi RodriguesEffective description of topological magnetic textures
Karin Everschor-Sitte
2017.10.17Galilei room, 01-128Roman KováčikSpin disorder effect on the electronic and transport properties in magnetic materials from first principlesBertrand Dupé


SS 2017

2017.09.19Galilei roomDavid P. LandauExploring Complex Free Energy Landscapes
with Innovative Monte Carlo Simulations
Erik R. McNellis
2017.08.23skyrmion meetingJeroen MulkersMuMax3: GPU-accelerated micromagnetism
Karin Everschor-Sitte
2017.08.22Galilei roomJonathan Leliaert Thermally driven micromagnetic systems

Karin Everschor-Sitte
2017.08.15Galilei roomNicolas Bachellier Spin detection and doping of metallocenes on copper substrates
Bertrand Dupé
2017.08.08Galilei roomImara FernandesImpact of the chemical nature of defects on the pinning of magnetic skyrmions
Bertrand Dupé
2017.07.18Galilei roomAkihiro OkamotoDispersion and Berry curvature of spin wave in ferromagnetsKarin Everschor-Sitte
2017.07.04Galilei roomFilipe GuimaraesDynamical amplification of magnetoresistances and Hall currents up to the THz regime
Bertrand Dupé
2017.06.27Galilei roomNadine HauptmannSensing skyrmions at the atomic scale combining magnetic exchange and spin-polarized imaging
Bertrand Dupé
2017.06.20Galilei roomTimo KuschelElectrically and thermally induced spin currents in magnetic insulatorsKarin Everschor-Sitte
2017.06.13Galilei roomJonathan ChicoGilbert damping from first-principles methods
Bertrand Dupé
2017.05.23Galilei roomJan MüllerSkyrmions and topological charges in the helixKarin Everschor-Sitte
2017.05.16Galilei roomPeter OppeneerUltrafast magnetism: Recent theory developmentsUlrike Ritzmann
2017.05.09Galilei roomUlrike RitzmannMotion of skyrmions and antiskyrmions driven by spin-orbit torquesBertrand Dupé
2017.04.04Galilei roomDaniele PinnaSkyrmion Gas Manipulation for Probabilistic ComputingKarin Everschor-Sitte


WS 2016/17

Galilei roomMarie HervéSpin resolved scanning tunneling microscopy: Non-collinear magnetism and high frequency dynamic properties
Bertrand Dupé
21.02.2017Galilei roomAngelika KnothePhase diagram of a graphene bilayer in the zero-energy Landau level
Karin Everschor-Sitte
14.02.2017Galilei roomJoo-Von KimSkyrmion dynamics in nanostructures: Breathing modes, oscillators, and the role of disorder PresentationBertrand Dupé
07.02.2017Galilei roomVolodymyr KravchukEffects of curvature in low-dimensional ferromagnetic nanosystems PresentationHelen Gomonay
Galilei roomReza MahaniMagnetic solotronics near the surface of a semiconductor and a topological insulatorErik R. Mc Nellis
24.01.2017Galilei roomJulia OstenThe influence of local ion implantation on magnetic domains, magnetoresistance and spin wave propagation
Karin Everschor-Sitte
Prof. Sinova's officeThorge Müller Kolmogorov-type scaling at a non-thermal fixed point in two dimensional Bose gases
Karin Everschor-Sitte
10.01.2017Galilei roomMaria Tissen Simulation of Semiconductor Materials for Solar Cells within the projects PINET and comCIGSKarin Everschor-Sitte
06.12.2016Galilei roomMarkus HeinrichSurface states in holographic Weyl semimetalsKarin Everschor-Sitte
29.11.2016Galilei roomMartin BowenOxygen-vacancy driven tunnelling spintronics across MgOBertrand Dupe
Media Raum 03-431, Staudinger Weg 7Davide BossiniTowards the ultimate limits of spintronics: ultrafast optical control of magnetism PresentationHelen Gomonay
Prof. Sinova's officeSebastian MüllerVOTCA-STP Development: Results for Idealized SystemsErik R. McNellis
25.10.2016Galilei roomFlorentz PerezSpin-orbit twisted spin waves in magnetic quantum wells PresentationHelen Gomonay
07.10.2016Media Raum 03-431, Staudinger Weg 7Olivier KleinControlling the damping inside a magnetic insulatorHelen Gomonay, Thierry Valet


SS 2016

02.08.2016Media room, 03-431Dmytro BozhkoBottleneck accumulation of hybrid bosons in a ferrimagnet

26.07.2016Media room, 03-431Shufeng ZhangAngular momentum transport in magnetic structures
06.07.2016Gernott-Gräff room, 05-431Martin Stier Current-induced Skyrmion creation and Skyrmion fission
06.07.2016Gernott-Gräff room, 05-431Mikhail Raikh
Slow dynamics of spin pairs in random hyperfine field and organic magneto-resistance
08.06.2016Media room, 03-431Sarah SchroeterSkyrmion caloritronics
07.06.2016Media room, 03-431Hans Werner SchumacherSingle electron pumps: from primary current standards to single spin on demandPresentation
02.06.2016Media room, 03-431 Mikhail TitovSpin-orbit and spin-tranfer torques in two dimensions Presentation
11.05.2016Office, 01-327Mark StilesSpin current: the torque wrench of spintronics


WS 2015/16

27.10.2015Galilei roomUlrich RößlerFinding skyrmions in magnetic materials
26.01.2016Galilei roomRoberto RaimondiSpin current swapping and spin Hall effect in a 2DEG Presentation
28.01.2016Media room, 03-431Kyoung-Whan KimSpin transport related to spin-orbit coupling Presentation
28.01.2016Media room, 03-431 Cosimo Gorini
Thermoelectric conversion in disordered nanowires Presentation
16.02.2016Galilei roomPeter Kopietz Rayleigh-Jeans condensation of pumped magnons in thin film ferromagnets


SS 2015

21.07.2015Galilei roomJoo-Von KimMagnetization dynamics in chiral spin textures:
Spin wave channelling and skyrmion oscillations
14.07.2015Galilei room Manuel BrandoMetallic Quantum Ferromagnets
07.07.2015Galilei room Ewelina HankiewiczTransport in hybrid structures of topological insulators
and in topological superconductors: In the Search of
Majorana Fermions
16.06.2015Galilei roomMarkus GarstMagnon-skyrmion scattering in chiral magnets
02.06.2015Galilei roomCasper DrukierNon-analytic corrections in Fermi liquids and multi-channel scattering
12.05.2015Galilei room Amaury Melo SouzaTransport properties in single-molecule junctions: master
equations and model Hamiltonians.
31.03.2015Lorentz room 05-127Yuri MokrousovTopologocial Spintronics: an ab-initio perspective


WS 2014/15

12.02.2015MITP seminar roomThierry Valettba
11.02.2015, 10:00Gernot Graeff room, 05-431Binghai YanQuantum Anomalous Hall Effects on the Novel Honeycomb Material Stanene
06.02.2015, 10:30Galilei roomAmnon AharonySpin filtering: how to write and read quantum information on mobile qubits
06.02.2015, 09:00Galilei roomSebastian MüllerBachelor colloquium: spin accumulation and diffusion in magnetic multilayers
05.02.2015, 11:00Media roomOra Entin-WohlmanThermoelectricity in nano-junctions
21.01.2015, 10:1501-327Diana PrychynenkoStrongly correlated Chern insulators
25.11.2014Galilei room Yuta YamaneEffective forces in ferromagnets -spinmotive force, anomalous Hall effect, and domain wall resistance-
11.11.2014Galilei roomVitalii Dugaev Edge scattering of electrons in graphene
21.10.2014Galilei roomHelen Gomonay
Spintronics with antiferromagnets: spinning of spin


SS 2014

27.05.2014Seminar room KMatteo Rizzi
Optimal persistent currents for interacting bosons on a ring with gauge field
28.05.2014Lorentz room Dmitry Budker (Mainz/Berkeley)The perfect (NV) defect: making sens(or) of diamond
17.06.2014Seminar room KHans Christian Schneider (Kaiserslautern)Demagnetization dynamics and spin dependent lifetimes in ferromagnets
01.07.2014Seminar room KRonny Thomale (Würzburg)Entanglement spectrum of Fractional Quantum Hall states and Quantum spin chains
02.07.2014Media roomElio König
(KIT Karlsruhe)
Disordered surfaces of 3D topological insulators: interactions and/or
strong magnetic field
09.07.2014Seminar room KCharles Gould
Transport investigations on a magnetic topological insulator - a work in progress
25.07.2014Seminar room KBjörn Sbierski
Disordered Weyl Semimetals
29.07.2014Seminar room KAlex Levchenko
Kinetics of 1d electrons beyond the Luttinger liquid paradigm