Month: September 2023

27.09.2023 New Publication in Antiferromagnetic Spintronics

A publication with Helen Gomonay about nonlinear magnon dynamics in Mn2Au has been published in Nature Communications.

They excite Mn2Au thin films with phase-locked single-cycle terahertz electromagnetic pulses and monitor the spin response with femtosecond magneto-optic probes. They observe signals whose symmetry, dynamics, terahertz-field scaling and dependence on sample structure are fully consistent with a uniform in-plane antiferromagnetic magnon driven by field-like terahertz NSOTs with a torkance of (150 ± 50) cm2 A−1 s−1. Their research indicates that fully coherent Néel-vector switching by 90° within 1 ps is within close reach.

You can find the publication under Nat Commun 14, 6038 (2023).