Prof. Dr. Olena (aka Helen) Gomonay

Antiferromagnets are prospective materials for spintronic applications as they show fast magnetic dynamics, low susceptibility to the magnetic fields and produce no stray fields. They have nontrivial magnetic structure, more magnetic degrees of freedoms and peculiar dynamics, as compared to ferromagnetic materials. rotation_of-AF.001

Application of antiferromagnets for information storage and development implies manipulation of states with the use of the magnetic fields or electrical currents. For this one needs to study the mechanisms that govern behaviour of antiferrantiferromagentic nanoparticles and textures in the presence of the external fields. My current reseach is focused on the problems of nonequilibrium magnetic dynamics of antiferromagnets induced by spin-orbit torques, temperature gradients, mechanical stresses etc. Strong magnetoelastic coupling, which is a peculiar feature of many antiferromagnetic materials, makes these problems more complicated and more facinating.

As a teacher I have a great experience in the field of quantum information theory and hope to find a way to use antiferromagnets as the active elements of quantum bits.



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