Prof. Dr. Jairo Sinova

Welcome to the spintronics and nanoelectronics research group of Jairo Sinova. As a condensed matter theory group we are interested in physical phenomena of many body systems in which the behaviour of the collective system is quite unique and different from the behaviour of its individual components. Condensed matter physics is a vast field of physics which provides endless opportunities. Our group has focused over the past few years on the subfield of spintronics and mesoscopic electronic transport. These fields study the effects coupling the spin and charge degrees of freedom of the electron have on bulk properties of materials as well as transport and optical phenomena. Some of our main contributions to this field are related to spin Hall effects and diluted magnetic semiconductor physics. Despite this specialisation, it is our philosophy not to narrow our focus to our own comfort zone in order to stay attentive to novel and unforeseen connections to other points of views and topics.
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