Month: June 2015

18.06.2015 – INSPIRE Group welcomes Kei Yamamoto


We are very happy to have Dr. Kei Yamamoto from Kobe University as a visiting Postdoc. Kei has a cosmology and general relativity background and is currently working on his first project in the area of the spin Hall Effect. At the INSPIRE Group, Kei wants to intensify his research about condensed matter physics and antiferromagnets in particular. He is looking forward to making use of his mathematical skills in this new field at the interface between physics and mathematics.


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06.06.2015 – Artem Abanov joins the Inspire Group

2010picture[2]Dr. Artem Abanov from Texas A&M University will be supporting our group with his research on Spintronics and strongly correlated systems. Following a number of collaborations with Jairo Sinova and other current and former members of the Sinova Group like Shayan Hemmatiyan, Yi Liu and Oleg Tretiakov as well as a shorter visit last summer, Artem will now come for a longer visit and work with us on site in Mainz.

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