Month: August 2016

01.08.2016 – Ulrike Ritzmann joined the INSPIRE Group

P1020972 - Version 2
We are very pleased to welcome Ulrike Ritzmann to the INSPIRE group. Before Ulrike joined our group, she had a Postdoc position in Prof. Ulrich Nowak's group at the University of Konstanz. Her research interest lies in the field of spin caloritronics, that combines the interplay of heat, charge and spin. In magnetic materials, temperature gradients can excite spin currents mediated via the so-called magnons, which are the excitations of the magnetic system. By using atomistic spin model simulations, she studies the thermally driven magnon propagation and its characteristic length scale in different magnetic materials starting from ferromagnets to two-sublattice materials like antiferromagnets and ferrimagnets.

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