Month: August 2022

26.08.2022 New joint publication in spintronics

A joint publication with Helen Gomonay about noncollinear spin currents for switching of chiral magnetic textures has been published in PRL.

They demonstrate the combined generation of broadband and narrowband magnons in thin films of NiO/Pt. They present two excitation processes which both lead to the emmision of THz signals. These results open new routes towards the development of fast opto-spintronic devices based on antiferromagnetic materials.

They propose a concept of noncollinear spin current, whose spin polarization varies in space even in nonmagnetic crystals.  Moreover, by referring to atomistic spin dynamics simulations they show that noncollinear spin currents can be used to switch the chiral spin texture of Mn3X in a deterministic way even in the absence of an external magnetic field. Their theoretical prediction can be readily tested in experiments, which will open a novel route toward electric control of complex spin structures in noncollinear antiferromagnets.

You can find the publication under Phys. Rev. Lett. 129, 097204.

18.08.2022 Joint Publication about the electron structure in Mn2Au

A joint publication with Libor Šmejkal about the parity violations of the electronic structure in the antiferromagnet Mn2Au has been published in Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter.

They perform momentum resolved photemission on individual antiferromagnetic domains. The results show an asymmetry of the energy with respect to momentum. The responsible spin–orbit interaction couples the broken parity to the Néel order parameter direction. With this foundation they demonstrate a novel tool to image the Néel vector direction, N, by combining spatially resolved momentum microscopy with ab-initio calculations that correlate the broken parity with the vector.

You can find the publication under