Dr. Libor Šmejkal

Last 15 years brought an explosion of relativistic quantum physics realisation in solids. Examples include spin Hall effect, topological insulators and superconductors, graphene, and Weyl semimetals. Our recent theoretical and experimental efforts indicate that antiferromagnetic symmetries can combine relativistic topology and magnetic spintronics. In turn, these topological quasiparticle antiferromagnets can generate novel fascinating effects. We are considering effects combining challenges of fundamental physics problems (simulation of quantum field theory in solid-state systems, i.e. dark matter detection) and potentially industrially relevant nanodevices (relativistic metal-insulator transition or crystal spontaneous Hall effect). We use a broad arsenal of theoretical physics methods ranging from group theory to density functional theory calculations on supercomputers. We investigate together with our colleagues from Prague, Jülich, Halle, Dresden, Nottingham, and Kaiserslautern the topological antiferromagnetic spintronics.

Current projects and interests:

  • Staggered spin-momentum interaction, magnetoresistance and Hall effects in antiferromagnets. arXiv:2012.15651 .
  • Dark matter detection via dynamical axion insulators. arXiv:2102.05366 .
  • Observation of crystal Hall effect. arXiv:2002.08712 .
  • Prediction and observation of large anisotropic magnetoresistance in Mn2Au alloys. Press release .
  • Prediction and observation of anisotropic magnetoresistance and spin-orbit torque (SOT) in Heusler alloys. SOT was demonstrated at room temperature in NiMnSb microbars: Press release .

    Recent Publications

      • “Crystal time-reversal symmetry breaking and spontaneous Hall effect in collinear antiferromagnets.”. L. Šmejkal, González-Hernández, R., T. Jungwirth, and J. Sinova

    Science Advances

      • “Topological antiferromagnetic spintronics”. Šmejkal, L., Mokrousov, Y., Yan, B. & MacDonald, A. H.

    Nature Physics

      • “Electric Control of Dirac Quasiparticles by Spin-Orbit Torque in an Antiferromagnet”. L. Šmejkal, J. Železný, J. Sinova, and T. Jungwirth

    Physical Review Letters

      • “Efficient Electrical Spin Splitter Based on Nonrelativistic Collinear Antiferromagnetism”. Rafael González-Hernández, Libor Šmejkal, Karel Výborný, Yuta Yahagi, Jairo Sinova, Tomáš Jungwirth, and Jakub Železný

    Physical Review Letters

      • "Proposal to Detect Dark Matter using Axionic Topological Antiferromagnets". David J. E. Marsh, Kin Chung Fong, Erik W. Lentz, Libor Šmejkal, and Mazhar N. Ali

    Physical Review Letters

    Recent and upcoming invited talks

    • 2020 July, On-line SPICE-SPIN+X Seminar Youtube
    • 2019 October, Antiferromagnetic Spintronics (Mainz, Germany). Youtube
    • 2019 August, Dark matter detectors (Gottingen, Germany)
    • 2019 Jul, Workshop on superconductivity and magnetism (Comaruga, Spain)
    • 2019 Jun, Solskymag (San Sebastian, Spain)
    • 2019 Jun, TOPO2019 (Prague, Czechia)