Libor Šmejkal

Last decade brought an invasion of relativity into condensed matter physics. Spin Hall effect, topological insulators, graphene, Weyl/Dirac semimetals are among the prominent examples relying on relativistic quantum mechanics which can be grouped under the field of spintronics and its spin-offs. In my actual research I focus on exploring and inventing new emergent phenomena and mechanism within the realm of spinorbitronics and topological semimetals. We are considering effects combining challenges of fundamental physics problems (simulation of quantum field theory in solid state systems) and potentially industrially relevant nanodevices (anisotropic magnetoresistance and spin-orbit torque reading and writing of magnetic information). In collaboration with Prague, Cambridge, Jülich and Nottingham we investigate the new field of antiferromagnetic spintronics where some useful non-relativistic effects known from ferromagnets are not efficient or abandoned and thus relativistic effects can be of vital importance.