Month: July 2019

30.07.2019 – Publication by Organic Spintronics Team published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C

A publication by the Organic Spintronics Team (OST) has been published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C.
This paper presents an application of the recently developed technique for predictions of spin-admixture in molecules. As a computationally robust and efficient, "high-throughput" technique, it is used to describe general trends of in the spin admixture of several classes of molecules, from complex single-molecule magnets to organic polymers. The results emphasize the often counterintuitive variations of molecular spin-orbit coupling with molecular chemical composition and structure.

25.07.2019 – Joint publication by INSPIRE group appears as Editor’s Suggestions in Physical Review B

A joint publication by the INSPIRE group and collaborators from the Technical University of Dortmund
and Radboud University has been published in the Physical Review B as Editor's Suggestions.

This paper presents an investigation of ultrafast dynamics in antiferromagnets which is a part of a developing field of an Antiferromagnetic spintronics.By performing magneto-optical pump-probe experiments we excite coherent longitudinal oscillations of the antiferromagnetic order parameter that cannot be described by a thermodynamic Landau-Lifshitz approach. We interpret these oscillations as manifestation of an entanglement of pairs of magnons generated by femtosecond optical pulses. The results open a way to creation and manipulation of quantum entanglement in antiferromagnetic systems at macroscopic scales.