25.07.2019 – Joint publication by INSPIRE group appears as Editor’s Suggestions in Physical Review B

A joint publication by the INSPIRE group and collaborators from the Technical University of Dortmund
and Radboud University has been published in the Physical Review B as Editor's Suggestions.

This paper presents an investigation of ultrafast dynamics in antiferromagnets which is a part of a developing field of an Antiferromagnetic spintronics.By performing magneto-optical pump-probe experiments we excite coherent longitudinal oscillations of the antiferromagnetic order parameter that cannot be described by a thermodynamic Landau-Lifshitz approach. We interpret these oscillations as manifestation of an entanglement of pairs of magnons generated by femtosecond optical pulses. The results open a way to creation and manipulation of quantum entanglement in antiferromagnetic systems at macroscopic scales.