Venkata Krishna Bharadwaj

Data has become the new oil today, with their increasing demands for faster, denser, non-volatile, and low-power-consuming technologies. In this context, spintronics, which employs both charge and spin degrees of freedom, has provided some novel concepts to further state of art in this regard. Magnetic skyrmion being the new protagonist in the arena, has attracted a lot of research interest over the last decade, owing to their topological robustness and very low currents to manipulate them.

My research focuses on magnetic skyrmioms in in-plane ferromagnets and synthetic antiferromagnetic (SAF). Recently, we have studied the stability of in-plane skyrmions in collinear ferromagnets and in-plane SAFs. We have also looked at current-driven dynamics and external field-induced excitations of these in-plane skyrmions. We use both analytical and micromagnetic simulations in our research.



Physical Review B

'Stability and dynamics of in-plane skyrmions in collinear ferromagnets'. Ricardo Zarzuela, Venkata Krishna Bharadwaj, Kyoung-Whan Kim, Jairo Sinova, and Karin Everschor-Sitte. (2020)