Guests and Visitors

11.02.2015 – Thierry Valet meets with our group and German Carnival traditions during his visit at INSPIRE and SPICE Center

IMG_0084_1We had the pleasure to welcome Thierry Valet on February 11 and 12, which gave him the chance to accustom himself with German Carnival traditions. He was lucky not to wear a tie on Weiberfassnacht (Women's Carnival Day) when he had a meeting with Jairo Sinova and Matthias Kläui. Mr Valet is known for the Valet-Fert Model on giant magnetoresistance in CPP geometry and its application in spin engineering.

21.10.2014 Guest talk by Helen Gomonay

The INSPIRE Group has the pleasure to welcome Prof. Helen Gomonay from the National Technical University of Ukraine. She has done eminent research on AFM spintronics and will give an introductory lecture entitled "Spintronics with antiferromagnets: spinning of spin".