05.07.2023 New Joint Publication in Antiferromagnetic Spintronics

A joint publication with Olena Gomonay about photocurrents, the Inverse faraday effect, and photospin Hall effect in Mn2Au has been published in APL Materials.

They reveal the emergence of large photocurrents of spin in collinear Mn2Au, whose properties can be understood as a result of a non-linear optical version of the spin Hall effect, which they refer to as the photospin Hall effect, encoded into the relation between the driving charge and resulting spin photocurrents. Moreover, they suggest that even a very small canting in Mn2Au can give rise to colossal spin photocurrents that are chiral in flavor. They conclude that the combination of staggered magnetization with the structural and electronic properties of this material results in a unique blend of prominent
photocurrents, which makes Mn2Au a unique platform for advanced optospintronics applications.

You can find the publication under APL Mater 11, 071106.