02.05.2017 – INSPIRE group welcomes new member Reza Mahani

Reza Mahani has just joined the group and will support the Organic Spintronics team as a postdoctoral researcher. Before he was a postdoctoral researcher at the School of Information and Communication Technology at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

We wish him a good start in Mainz!

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04.11.2016 – INSPIRE Group Welcomes New Team Members

We are very pleased to welcome Bertrand Dupé and Melanie Dupé, Kyoung-Whan Kim, Marie Böttcher and Uday Chopra to the INSPIRE group. Bertrand Dupé joined us as an interim professor and team leader. Melanie Dupé and Kyoung-Whan Kim, both postdoctoral researcher, add perfectly our team as well as Marie Böttcher and Uday Chopra, who joined us as PhD students.

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01.08.2016 – Ulrike Ritzmann joined the INSPIRE Group

P1020972 - Version 2
We are very pleased to welcome Ulrike Ritzmann to the INSPIRE group. Before Ulrike joined our group, she had a Postdoc position in Prof. Ulrich Nowak's group at the University of Konstanz. Her research interest lies in the field of spin caloritronics, that combines the interplay of heat, charge and spin. In magnetic materials, temperature gradients can excite spin currents mediated via the so-called magnons, which are the excitations of the magnetic system. By using atomistic spin model simulations, she studies the thermally driven magnon propagation and its characteristic length scale in different magnetic materials starting from ferromagnets to two-sublattice materials like antiferromagnets and ferrimagnets.

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14.07.2016 – Amaury Souza received the Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation Research Fellowship

Amaury AvH Fellowship

Brilliant news for the INSPIRE group: We are very pleased to announce that Amaury Souza received the Research Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. As the group knows how to celebrate, we took the opportunity to celebrate his achievement with a traditional and popular dish from his home country Brazil: Pão de Queijo (Cheese Bread). We wish him all the best and much inspiration for his future research projects as a part of the INSPIRE group!

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04.07.2016 – INSPIRE Group Workshop in Sörgenloch


On July 4th and 5th the INSPIRE group had an internal group workshop in the picturesque village of Sörgenloch close to Mainz. In the nice atmosphere of Schloss Sörgenloch the INSPIRE group focused on team building processes and internal working strategies. The group also used the occasion to welcome Ulrike Ritzmann, as well as Bertrand Dupé and Marie Böttcher, who will join the group in October 2016. After a very successful first day, the group enjoyed the food and a variety of local wines served on the Schloss Sörgenloch terrace in the evening. On the second day of the workshop the group worked on presentation techniques and communication skills under the guidance of two coaches from an improvisational theater. We thank the participants for two beautiful and very successful days in Sörgenloch.

17.03.2016 – Physics Tango in Colombia

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.54.36

Foto: Daniel Mordzinski

This year, the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla celebrated its 50th anniversary. As part of the festivities, the 19th Catédra Europa took place from March 14th - 18th. The large scale event provides a platform for scientific and cultural encounters between Colombian and European Academia. Jairo Sinova was invited to introduce his visions for new interdisciplinary approaches to scientific work, which he likes to compare to a scientific tango. Accordingly, his lecture was entitled "El tango de la fisica".

View the video of the lecture.

Read the news article in El Heraldo from March 17th.

Read the news article in El Heraldo from March 18th.



14.12.2015 – SPICE/INSPIRE Christmas party

secret santa

Jairo did a great job as secret Santas's right hand man as he handed out the presents, which bore a little surprise for everyone.

On December 14th, the SPICE team and INSPIRE group had their Christmas party at the cosy tavern "Beichtstuhl" in the Mainz old town. In a cheerful atmosphere, the group members and their plus ones enjoyed the traditional food and wine of the region, looking back at an eventful year 2015 for both the INSPIRE group and the SPICE Center.

03.12.2015 – SPICE/INSPIRE Group Seminar in Bamberg


On the December 03rd and 4th, the SPICE team and Inspire group had an internal group seminar in the picturesque city of Bamberg in Franconia. Under the title “New Directions in the Spin Phenomena," the participants explored innovative approaches to interdisciplinary in Spintronics Research. After a nice train journey through the Bavarian landscape, SPICE-Director Jairo Sinova opened the seminar in the beautiful Barock Hotel close to the Bamberg cathedral. In the afternoon, the group had a guided tour through the old part of town followed by a visit of the famous Bamberg Christmas Market. After some Glühwein the group enjoyed traditional Bavarian food in the nice atmosphere of a quaint old town restaurant. Friday started with two workshops – one for the administrative staff led by SPICE  project manager Valerie Rung and one for the scientific staff managed by our visiting postdoc Kei Yamamoto. We thank the participants for two beautiful and successful days in Bamberg.


29.09.2015 – SPICE / INSPIRE Oktoberfest


Thanks to an initiative of Denise  and the help of our universally talented student assistant and Bavaria enthusiast Alex, SPICE and the INSPIRE group hosted their own Oktoberfest and likely the first Oktoberfest in the history of Spintronics. From the traditional Oktoberfest-Bier, an especially tasty brew that is only available during the Oktoberfest season to the appropriate Bavarian music and Weißwurst (white sausage), all the essentials had been organised. Thus it is not surprising that, even if neither binge drinking nor any dancing on the tables were observed (as customary at the original event), the ambiance was great. In the midst of a public which was just as international as the one in Munich, our guest Barry Zink had the opportunity to experience some German local colour.


Apart from Barry Zink, Gerd Passler and Friedrich Kayser were our special guests.