Rodrigo Jaeschke Ubiergo

I am currently interested in understanding the spin transport properties of magnetic materials. In particular, I have been studying spin splitter currents, which are a non-relativistic, spin-conserving effect, and one of the key signatures of altermagnetism. In materials like RuO2, it has been shown that the spin splitter current could allow extremely efficient charge-to-spin conversion, with a spin Hall angle of 34 degrees.

In order to find new altermagnetic candidates, which can host exotic spin transport responses, I have been analysing available databases with experimentally confirmed magnetic materials.  I have performed a symmetry analysis of the spin space group of around 2000 magnetic materials and sorted them according to their non-relativistic symmetry. This has allowed us to target around 200 altermagnetic candidates in a very systematic way.


Non-relativistic spin current responses on each magnetic collinear phase. Spin splitter current is only possible in Altermagnets.
Responsse of a d-wave altermagnet under the effect of an electric field applied in different directions. (left and center) Spin polarized current with opposite spin polarization. (right) Spin splitter current.