Hristo Velkov

Magnetic skyrmion. Copyright (C) Hristo Velkov.
Magnetic skyrmion.
Copyright (C) Hristo Velkov.

My focus is on the magnetization dynamics in antiferromagnets. These are ordered magnetic materials with microscopically alternating magnetic moments and a zero net one. Antiferromagnets have a number of advantages over ferromagnets, most notably faster magnetization dynamics, insensitivity to disturbing magnetic fields and the absence of stray fields. Even though there is a long way to go, these materials have a strong potential of shaping the technology of the future.

I am currently studying magnetic skyrmions in generic antiferromagnets. There has been no experimental observation of antiferromagnetic skyrmions yet, however, theory allows for their existence. I am using a phenomenological and analytical approach to analyze the current-induced skyrmion motion in a particular class of antiferromagnets.


  • “Phenomenology of current-induced skyrmion motion in antiferromagnets”. H. Velkov, O. Gomonay, M. Beens, G. Schwiete, A. Brataas, J. Sinova and R. A. Duine (New J. Phys. 18(2016) 075016)