Diana Prychynenko

In magnetic metals, the interplay between conduction electrons subject to spin-orbit coupling and localized magnetic moments drive key magnetic effects such as spin-orbit torques. Such spin-orbit induced phenomena are believed to be vital for next generation magnetic memory devices.

LAO/STO interface

We analyse their microscopic origin and develop models that connect with experiments. In particular, we focus on both disorder and the enhanced Rashba spin-orbit coupling at interfaces.

One prominent physical system of interest is the interface between perovskite-type oxides, where recent experiments reveal the important role of spin-orbit-induced effects with respect to the observed magnetic phases. We study the magnetic phases resulting from the interplay between spin-orbit coupling and magnetic exchange interactions via their transport properties. To capture the real-time evolution of these systems in non-equilibrium, we derive diffusion equations directly from quantum kinetic theory.

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Awards & Fellowships

  • DAAD Student Fellowship at “ETH Zurich” (September 2013 – October 2014)