Bennet Karetta


The field of spintronics aims at writing and reading information form materials as we have them in memory drives. Conventionally ferromagnets (FMs) have been used as the materials in devices but they are reaching their limits in size speed and stability. Thus, other materials such as antiferromagnets (AFMs) and the newlly established altermagnets (ALMs) are investigated as a possible substitute.

Both classes show strong coupling between magnetic and elastic degrees of freedom for a variety of materials within. Such coupling allows to manipulate magnetic properties as anisotropy or the magnetic domains of the crystal with strains. Therefore, it is essential to understand the magnetoelastic interactions  to understand and control the behaviour of AFMs and ALMs.

My research is directed to the incluence of the magnetoelastic interaction in AFMs and ALMs from various aspects. I am interested in a range from microscopic phenomena as electronic structure, transport or topology of such crystals under strain as well as macroscopic domain formation and control in the presence of strain gradiets. For this I combine group theory with ab-initio calculations and perform analytics with phenomenological micromagnetic models.



Domain-wall orientation in antiferromagnets controlled by magnetoelastic effects (Preprint)


Master Thesis

Antiferromagnetic domains in the presence of magneoelastic interactions


Bachelor Thesis

Modelling of the magnetic states and phase transitions in Hematite