Bennet Karetta


Antiferromagnets (AFMs) recently have shown potential in information technology, due to their increased speed and stability compared to ferromagnets (FMs). However, their lack of a net magnetization brings up the challenge on how to effectively read and write informations on an AFM. Therefore, the formation and control of domains in AFMs are of a special interest.

The long range interactions of the magnetoelasticcoupling have a significant influence on the AFM domain structure, similar to the demagnetizatiion fields in FMs. Thus, it is essential to understand the magnetoelastic interactions with the goal to control the AFM by strains.

My research is directed to the incluence of the magnetoelastic interaction on magnetic domain walls in the AFM. I am interested in the equilibrium configuration of the AFM order parameter and how this configurations can be manipulated by strain gradients. A succesful theory on this effect will present a new view on how to control the AFM and add to recent experiments in this topic.


Master Thesis

Antiferromagnetic domains in the presence of magneoelastic interactions

Bachelor Thesis

Modelling of the magnetic states and phase transitions in Hematite