Atasi Chakraborty

Understanding the electronic structure of solids plays a pivotal role in exploring the fascinating physical properties of quantum materials and their potential technological applications. My research focuses on comprehending the emergence of a plethora of exotic properties resulting from the intricate interplay between various factors: the kinetic energy of electrons governed by the band-width (W), Coulomb repulsion (U), spin-orbit coupling (SOC) strength (╬╗), and lattice degrees of freedom. To achieve this, I employ two complementary theoretical approaches: the state-of-the-art density functional theory (DFT) and low-energy model Hamiltonians. Furthermore, I am deeply intrigued by the transformations of physical properties of anti-ferro- and altermagnets in the presence of external perturbations, such as mechanical deformations, magnetic or electric fields, heat, and light. This area currently constitutes a significant focus of my research, promising exciting prospects for advancing our understanding of quantum materials and their practical applications.